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From the trilogy "Satan’s conspiracy" Volume I:  "A Man Without youth" published in USA by Doctor Engineer Aurel Seitan, former member of the anti-communist partisans in the mountains of Fagaras, sentenced to death by the communist regime, imprisoned in : Canal, Jilava, Gherla, Aiud, Salcia, Stramba and Periprava for 18 years. Translated from Romanian by CONFLICT.


- "God have mercy on the Romanians."


-To Ana Pauker (Robinsohn), Burach Teskovich (Georgescu), Ioska Broitman(Joseph Kisinevski), Saul Brukner (Brucan), Walter Neulander (Roman), Mehr Kohn (Miron Constantinescu), Goldenberg (Barladeanu), Ariel Leibovich (Aurel Baranga) , Abraham Gutman (Avram Bunaciu), Alter Braurer (Alexandru Graur) , Aaron Gershwin (Gheorghe Apostol) and to all of those who came from Moscow or Galitia in 1944, riding on the Russian tanks and occupying Romania.-


We were young... I had just had my 20th birthday. We were full of life and energy. The future was looking very promising. WWII was over. The sound of the cannons had disappeared a long time ago. We had not won, nor lost. But as any small country, our fate was decided by "the Great Powers". Some were saying at Yalta. Some were saying at Teheran or Casablanca. Were ever it may have been, the youth could not understand why and accept to live the rest of their lives on their knees, just because the likes of Churchill, Stalin or Roosevelt wanted it that way. To become slaves of another nation which was to be sucking our blood and the life out of us by terror regime, genocide and hatred; that was more than we could understand at the time.

Some fled into the forests. The weak and ill stayed behind and tried to adapt and went to study in Moscow; the ideology of the evil. I joined a group consisting of priests, former officers of the Romanian army and peasants. I said goodbye to my life in Bucharest, and I retreated to the mountains to fight the invaders. This had been done before, in the ancient time when the barbarians came to our land and when the Turks invaded. Few people have heard of: Nucsoara, Bughia de Sus, Leresti, Bughia de Jos and other villages from the foot of the mountains.  Few people knew where Schitul namaiesti was. People were afraid to pronounce these names. Most of the villagers from those small towns had already been arrested. Some were killed. Others were arrested at night and taken away without belongings or clothing to Baragan and detained under the open skies with no shelters available. Hard times had come to our poor country. Nuscoara was written in blood on the map, much like a series of other places in Romania. Our country was bleeding dry.

- Democrats and anti-communist partisans of post-war Romania, all to be executed during the following years.




I was caught, eventually. I was arrested by Securitate and interrogated and subjected the most diabolical ways of torture. I made it out alive by a narrow margin after my fingernails had been removed. I was forced to eat faeces from an overfilled toilet used by other inmates, and they made me drink urine when I requested water. Nine months passed like this. I had not seen the light of the day, nor the stars at night. Without warning I was called to Kalousek, the commander of that Securitate, a figure huge as a mountain, and more animal than man. He had come from Galitia or Russia with Anna Rabinsohn,  Pauker and Burach Tescovici (Georgescu) and was made colonel over night like so many others.

In  Romanian, but with a strong foreign accent and a sarcastic smile on his lips Kalousek told me that he was sorry of my sufferings, of which he, Kalousek, had just heard. He then told me I was to be set free, as he realised I was not guilty of the charges against me.


-  “But”, he continued.

-  “I can not release you myself, as I was not the one who arrested you. I will send you to Securitate, the ones who arrested you, where you will be set free in a day or two. Do not attempt anything stupid on the road there. I have been told you were trying to kill yourself a while ago.”


He tried to sound sympathetic – or sadistic. It was hard to tell the difference.


-  “You are a young boy and I would not like it one bit if the soldiers in your escort are forced to shoot you. They are ordered to fire at anyone they have the slightest reason to suspect of planning an escape. That would be bad, wouldn’t it?”


After he had shaken my hand like he was an old friend of mine, he said to me with the same kind of sympathy as mentioned:


-  “I would have liked to open the gate for you myself, right now, but...”


He now did not sound sympathetic at all, just increasingly mad, and resembled more and more the voice I have heard with horror so many times, coming from the shadows of a corner or from behind the bright light under which I had been interrogated.

I did not believe a thing Kalousek told me. Also present the lieutenant that had removed my nails and the sergeant that had shoved my head into a toilet filled with faeces. On their faces, cold sarcastic smiles. Both of them shook my hand and wished me luck.



First escape

On the road to the Internal Ministry to which I was being transferred, handcuffed and in the company of  2 “securisti,” I found myself on a bench in a locked compartment of a truck. After my suicide attempt had failed; in the sleepless nights of screams and horror, I had come up with an escape-plan. I asked to be taken to the bathroom. They removed the handcuffs. I started to open my trousers as slowly as possible. At an unattended moment I pushed one of the guards into the arms the other. I ran out of the open door into the Romanian night. I ran until I reached a desolate railway, and then I realized what had just happened. I felt every part of my body in the search for blood or bullet wounds. But there were none. God had helped me. Again I fled to the mountains. The paths I knew were now overgrown. My former comrades have been slaughtered. Their bodies had been thrown into mass graves. Unmarked. No cross. The monk who used to bring us food, told me of the tragedy in the mentioned villages. Full battalions of Securitate had killed and burned everything in their path. They had gathered children, elderly and women from the villages, drove them like cattle from their homes into the mountains were the anti-communist fighters lived. Hidden behind a wall of civilians, the brave men of the Securitate advanced on, and captured, the freedom fighters. They slaughtered them without any trial or verdict and threw their shattered bodies into mass graves which the Securitate forced the children ,wives and parents of the slain men to dig.

Meanwhile my mother, brothers and fiancé had been arrested.



The Canal and mass graves

The procedure was part of the methods used by Securitate to force an escapee to surrender himself. I realised I had only 2 choices. One was to surrender myself to Securitate. That meant being tortured to death. The other one was to flee the country. That meant the death of my family. I chose the icy Danube (a river that runs out of Romania). I remember it like a distant nightmare, the strong search lights in the dark and cold winter night, the barking of the dogs, the voices, the cold handcuffs that broke the bones of my wrists. At  Talpa Iadului at Ministerul de Interne (Ministry of Interior) in an underground cell the nightmare continued. Then followed Jilava, Canalul, Gherla and a death sentence for giving small amounts of food to children of former political convicts. They had been let to starve to death.

In my company was the peasant leaders(political peasant party) like Cici Ionitoiu, Paul Lazarescu, Avram Iancu, Nicu Dascalu, Nae Stirosu, Ticu Dumitrescu and my good friend, Dan Alexiu, a man with two doctorates, a high class intellectual who should have been of great asset to our country, but was sentenced to 5 years in the Canal-work camp. The Canal -  a famous construction done by communists I Romania, called Channel in English, it was build with slave labour consisting of the intellectual class of Romania in addition to people regarded as politically disloyal. Thousands died while building the Canal.

Dan died, the poor thing, before Christmas, some 15 years ago in an empty apartment, in which his wife had died from cancer some years earlier. His son, living in Timisoara, found him with a pencil in his hand and his diary open.



- Marxist genocide on Rumenian civilians. Note the russian officer in the background.




The final escape and the return

I was released after more than 10 years of slave labour. An amnesty was issued due to pressure from the USA. “Human rights”, or something like that. I was freed from Gherla. I had seen my son on two brief occasions during the last 15 years. Once at Jilava (a famous communist prison in Romania which will forever stand as a symbol of terror, murder and torture.) and once at Gherla (a similar prison) for minutes or seconds through barbwire.

My wife had filed for divorce after 10 years. One can not ask a woman to wait for her entire life. Because of pressure from the Securitate, the possible fate of our son (children of political disloyals were not given schooling) had gotten to her.

To me there was nothing worthwhile in Romania, the dark shadow of the Securitate always present. I gave the Danube a new try and ended up with a conviction of 10 years and imprisonment in Timisoara, Gherla, and Aiud. On my next release I gave the Danube yet another try and this time I got lucky. I was shot in the leg while under water, but felt no pain.

I  walked across Yugoslavia, travelling only at night and eating grass as I did when in the concentration camp at the Canal .I reached Italy half dead of hunger with the nails on my feet gone. They admitted me to a hospital, and removed the bullet out from my leg. Emil Ghilezan and his wife, Rodica helped me, taking me into their home  at Netuno. They also had escaped from Romania over the border to Hungary and Austria..

Today I live in USA. I am a doctor of Engineering, member of the American Science Academy, The National Society of Professional Engineers and The American Society of Civil Engineers.

I have written three books in English about the sufferings of the Romanian nation under the communist tyranny : “A man without youth”, “A man dead among the living” and “Satan’s Conspiracy”. In the 7 years of neo-communism from 1990 until today, no one has dared to publish my books in Romania. I have given the rights to the Association of former Political Convicts.

The crimes they punished me for.... helping a man, woman or child close to you. The penalty for helping, especially if he was Romanian and also Patriot was severe, regarded as a crime against the ideology of hate and revenge. The ideology of Marx and Stalin). Still I came back to Romania with hoping to be able to help the new government in re-establishing the economy of my country. I brought with me a credit letter of 1 billion dollars for the new government. I was totally horrified at what I found; a gang of crooks that were robbing and stealing the richness of the country worse their predecessors. They send me from here to there with the credit letter, only to tell me after 3 months that Global Bank and FMI do not grant them to take foreign credits.



"Where are you now, Vlad Tepes?"

President Constantinescu has now declared  war against corruption and theft. All talk ,no act. The country is in big trouble, the mafia is too strong, and the knife is at the throat of the people. The Romanians have been brought to extreme poverty.

Where are you now Vlad Tepes? We need your iron hand to come and kick out all these crooks! God have mercy of this great country brought to desperation and extreme poverty by all these criminals of the same breed of those who held me in captivity for so many years. Give the honest man and women the right to rule and punish those who have destroyed this great country, and this beautiful garden of heaven called Romania.

In the November 2000, faith has again struck the Romanians with the same neo-communist regime that had brought the country into this mess from 1990 to1996.

The leaders in the CC (Central Communist Romanian committee),ex-members and leaders in the Romanian Communist Party, former officers of the dreaded Securitate, former communist- murderers, who committed the genocide against the Romanian people are now again in power.


- May God have mercy on the Romanians.

 God have mercy on the Romanians.